Even Faeries Get the Blues (CD)
3rd CD release on the Peculiar Sound Studio label. Released April, 2002. Over 67 minutes (18 songs) in length. Contains the Fantasy Suite: The Power and the Glory. This time, we've invoked Faerie Land; they've got the blues, and it ain't pretty.
$10.00 US

Food for Fishes (CD)
2nd CD release on the Peculiar Sound Studio label. 16 songs for over 60minutes of music. Chronicles the journey of one man's survival after a shipwreck on the high seas. Does he try to survive, or give in and become Food for Fishes?
$10.00 US

A World on Fire (CD)
1st release on the Peculiar Sound Studio label. Featuring Tomas Blac. includes a tribute to JRR Tolkien: The RingBinder Suite.

14 original songs take you from the apocalyptic edge of Armageddon and the World in the grips of a dead and dying Ecology, to the Mythological Realm of The Ringbinder. Between the Beginning and the End, A World On Fire visits the Worlds of Loves lost. Of Loves found. Of practical jokes. Of lurid Dreams and haunting realities.

Filled with lifting guitar solos and wonderful, exciting vocal harmonies, the music blends with stirring orchestral arrangements and driving beats.

A World On Fire: a perfect cross between Rock and Orchestral music. Progressive Rock at it's finest!
$7.50 US

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